Monday, 19 March 2018

Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang

I've begun to start getting this on the home stretch and today I sprayed the canopy and windscreen interiors, the wheel wells and gear bay doors. Once the windscreen is in place I can then start spraying the whole model;

Edit; after painting the wheels well and gear doors with ZCY (Zinc Chromate Yellow) I've decided to repaint them with the interior green mix I've used for the cockpit. This was due to a conversation with a fellow modeller and finding a pic of the P-51D I'm basing my model on;

This is P-51D 44-14868 'Hurry Home Honey' assigned to the 364th Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group. Looking at the pic it appears to me that the starboard gear door interior is quite dark, especially when you compare it against the checks around the nose as these were yellow and red (the lighter tone in the pic is yellow) so my guess is that the interior colour would have been green;

I found this interesting piece along with the photo of 414868 that explains the heavy exhaust staining on the fuselage;

'44-14868 P-51D flown by Major Peterson at the end of his second tour of duty, shown here temporarily refueling at an abandoned German airbase in Auxerre, France, in January 1945.
Patton had just liberated the town, and after some delay, parted with some precious tank fuel to allow the grounded squadron of 3 P-51s to return to Leiston after burning their fuel up dogfighting with Me262 jets.
The exhaust soot on the fuselage was the result of Major Peterson chasing a jet in a full throttle dive to 700mph at 25,000ft, losing aileron control when encountering compressibility at the sound barrier, and regaining control by throwing the prop pitch to minimum which forced the engine RPMs to scream over the tachometer's redline, but broke up the air and allowed him to pull safely out of the dive with his trim tabs. The soot is likely the forced engine oil and unburnt exhaust from the redlining. The squadron followed the jet to its Lechfeld, Germany base where they split into pairs and circled "fence post high" around each end of the runway, awaiting the jet and dodging anti-aircraft gunnery. Major Peterson's wingman, Roland Wright, flying "Mormon Mustang", shot the jet down, and they ended up in Auxerre where they finally ran out of fuel.'

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Takom 1/35 Leopard C2 finished

I've finally finished this one that was started in July 2017, a Canadian Leopard C2;

Weathering has been kept to a minimum as the photographs I have been using show them to be fairly clean.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Minart T-55A early Mod 1965

As you may recall I built the Miniart T-55 for The Modelling News recently so here's the link to the build review as if you have the kit (or any other Miniart T-55's) you may find it useful;

The Modelling News

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Takom 1/35 Leopard C2

This has been on the bench for long enough so it's time to get it done;

This will NOT be heavily weathered as from the photo's that I'm basing it on Canadian Leopards (apart from being on exercise) seemed to be relatively clean. I did want to do an actual vehicle but the marking option in the Takom kit is for an 'OPFOR' vehicle and apparently spurious plus the decals were crap anyway.
Using the reference photos from the dvd 'Canadian Leopard C1 & C2 Project which is available here Canadian Leopard C1 & C2 Project I'll finish the model as a lightly weathered vehicle.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang

With the T-55 built I came back to the P-51 as it's another I want off the bench as the queue of stuff I want to build is getting longer.
I've managed to glue all the control surfaces on and although the fit of the tail wings looked OK on top, underneath the joints were pretty horrendous with large gaps to fill so these, along with the joints around the nose were filled with Mr Surfacer 1000 and left to set before lightly sanding and finally polishing with a ladies nail buffer (these things are invaluable for model making);

Panel lines were restored by using electrical tape as a guide then re-scribed, liquid glue was then brushed over them to clean out the swarf. I used to use Dymo tape for this but it doesn't seem to stick as well plus it's much thinner these days so the electrical tape makes a decent substitute. 
So far it's not a bad kit and the build is nearing completion but I'm still surprised about the fit of some parts, it will be interesting to see how the new Airfix Sea Fury shapes up in this regard.

Miniart T-55A early Mod 1965

I finally finished the build. YAY! For more information about how it went together please keep an eye out for the full build review here;

The Modelling News

Here's a teaser pic for you because I'm so nice :o)

Monday, 26 February 2018

Miniart 1/35 T-55

It's been a pretty quiet month modelling-wise as I've had to do some DIY due to a new fire being fitted in the front room plus the Miniart T-55 has been taking up all of my spare time, along with doing five kit reviews for Model Military Int'l magazine.
The build of the T-55 is virtually finished, all I have to do is fit the tracks, photograph it, do the write-up then you can all read about it on The Modelling News at some point. You can find the in-box review here;

So here it is at the moment, once the build is done it will go to the back of the queue for painting as I need to shift a couple of other projects along such as the E-75 tank destroyer and the Takom Leopard C2;

Although the links have four sprue connections they weren't that bad to remove from the sprue due to the soft plastic, however care needs to be taken cleaning them up as it is very easy to bend the ends of them.