Sunday, 30 April 2017

Life Miniatures WW2 German King Tiger Commander

Last year I bought my first ever 1/10 scale bust as seeing the finished model by Sang-Eon Lee inspired me a hell of a lot, however as well as inspiring me it also terrified me as I really felt I could'nt do the model justice. The model sat in the stash until yesterday as while sorting out a few bits and pieces I got it down for another look, had a fondle of the kit pieces then closed the box again.

Today I opened the box again, this time taking a deep breath and began cutting off the mould gates and attached the headphone and throat mic cables.  After a couple of hours I had this;

No going back now! This will NOT be a quick project however I've been encouraged by my attempt at painting the 200mm head the other day so I feel more prepared to tackle this one plus if I mess it up I can always strip it and start again.
The head, binoculars and headphones are separate to aid painting. Wish me luck people! :o)

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